Mindry.in has decided to dig into the history of the Viceroys of India. 60 years after the last viceroy
went bye-bye their ridiculous laws such as article 377 still
hurt and haunt the free Indian Republic. Since logic doesn’t seem to work on Indian Lawmakers, we’ve decided to make baseless and false allegations.

So here’s some general outings.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it:
“Mountbatten was actually a penguin.”
“Robert Clive used to represent the British women’s volleyball team.”
“Minto and Morley were homosexuals. Just like Mountbatten and…hmm? hmm?”
“Dalhousie and Wellesley used to trade in narcotics. Between themselves.

Surprising for such a square.”
“Curzon was beaten in Kabbadi by the Nabob of Oudh.”
“William Bentinck abolished sati. Then he committed sati, after he was caught in a lesbian porn scandal.”
“Cornwallis was a genocidal maniac. Also, he used to be a woman.”
“Macaulay was illiterate. Also, he was very smelly, so no one used to allow him inside meetings. Therefore, he did not write any minutes.”
“Wavell began the hideous practice of antakshari”
“Lytton was corrupt. He started corruption in India. He infact opened ‘Office Of Corruption’ ”
“Rippon was hijra. He opened office of copulation.”
“Wellesley encouraged bestiality. Sex with animals. He gave loans to encourage people to ‘imbibe’ bestiality. Especially, penguins.”
“Robert Clive was Mountbatten’s son, also a penguin.”
“Montague was a left-hander. Yes, that is an allegation.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it. So should we still not repeal some nonsensical laws like 377 to name one?

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