Hopeless Guitar Player Defers Suit Against Amir Khan For Portrayal in Paapa Kehtein Hain

The Delhi High Court’s almost callous dismissal of a case against

Kiran Rao over Amir Khan’s latest film Dhobi Ghat, going so far
as to fine the plaintiff has stopped a significant citizen from
exercising his constitutional right. Amateur guitar-hobbyist
and middling singer Brijesh Sethi,16, has now defered filing his suit against
Amir Khan. “His representation of people who just play
the guitar to look cool was really hurtful. All that rocking to a
gentle pop-tune about how he likes his dad and hopes he won’t
disappoint him it’s disgusting! I know he did it in ’89 but
there are a lot of older cases before Indian courts. He’s practically air-guitaring when he talks to those chicks. At least, I know a chord before I go, “Hey, I hate my dad, can I have your number?”

I play the guitar to be cool, sing in a foreign language or two
and talk about issues with my folks and do covers of popular
American songs. None of that was represented in that rendition.
It gave a bad name to all us wannabes. I wanna sue. But now I
can’t. Not if the Delhi High Court keeps throwing out these kind of cases.
I hear they’ve stopped discriminating against gays too!

It is reported that a serial killer in Tihar Jail has withdrawn his case against Shah Rukh Khan as well… for portraying serial killers in a bad way in the blockbuster Baazigar. The main problem there was this particular serial killer wore glasses and Shah Rukh’s use of contact lenses was something the convict found emasculating, compounding his pre-existing issues with women. His lawyer has issued a brief statement. “No.”

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