Who is is this Sadananda Gowda and why is he the new Chief Minister of Karnataka?

Sadananda Gowda new chief minister of Karnataka has two whole years to win our votes, he deserves a fair shake

Who is he?
Sadananda Gowda was born in 1953 into a Nehruvian borderline communist India. He’s from one of the more literate areas of the state.
He is a lawyer uncle from Puttur. He had a degree in Science before he switched streams. Remember, these are pre-CET days, so it probably wasn’t that big a deal to ditch the science stream. He’s not mentioned on his official website why he decided to become a lawyer. But he’s been active in local issues.
Club membership?
He was active in the RSS and VHP, not a surprise. All BJP leaders have some association with the RSS and VHP. The RSS in particular pitches a big tent. And the right wing organizations generally have greater membership in the coastal districts of Karnataka due to the demographics. (Lower percentage of Hindus, per se, and sizeable Muslim and Christian populations)
What does he say about himself?
Interestingly in his official list of achievements he’s continually talking about some arecanut growing issue in a district and a train protest. Nothing on the betterment of Karnataka, state-wide infrastructure, etc. Just super local stuff and a protest about a delayed train. What does that mean? Essentially, he seems to have had little or no desire to become CM prior to BSY’s troubles.
Badminton and tennis. All very normal from people from his part of the country. (The Padukone family comes from this region as well.)
Corruption charges:
Thus far nil. Well, he did get a free parcel of land from Outgoing CM BS Yeddiyurappa from the discretionary quota. It’s par for the course to give land to supporters, nothing out of the ordinary. He may also be building illegally on the adjacent site, owned by a friend but again I drive through Deve Gowda Petrol bunk, Deve Gowda Plaza and shit every day. This is sadly, nothing out of the ordinary in State Level Politics. There’s a Tehelka piece somewhere on the Internet if you’re into that kind of newspaper.

Why is this man Chief Minister now?
Right wingers have hailed his election as a demonstration of the BJP’s transparency in choosing its leaders, if only that were true. The party with a difference chose an acceptable face that would otherwise have no chance or even interest in becoming the leader of a legislature party. He’s won due to loud and vociferous backing from a now unacceptable option. That’s not very different from what the Congress did with Dr Singh. Except Sadananda Gowda  is not the architect of Karnataka’s reforms or any such thing. He adds little weight to Karnataka’s rightful claim of being a great part of the Indian republic. He’s just another guy who BSY didn’t slap.

Final Verdict
Are there pre-existing notions at mindry.in? Well, it is a well known fact that I will quietly diss every chief minister of Karnataka who can’t run a visual basic macro. His site’s not been updated since 2009… Until we get a VBA guy in power, we at mindry.in will view the CM, the Leader of Opposition and even Siddaramiah with some skepticism. But I’ve largely kept this factual. This man has two years to win my vote at the next election, and he has my thanks for not having to watch his party self-destruct in a hastily called election in the next two weeks, as a direct fallout of corrupt BSY resigning.

As long as he makes Karnataka not look Ghaziabadesque, we’ll not make so much fun of lawyer uncle.

But for anyone who wants to make fun of his name here are two in the juvenile gharana:

Sadananda Gowda=Eternally Happy Boss, yes that’s his Indian name.

Sadadanda=Eternal waste in Kannada.

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