That Rare Time A CM of Karnataka Makes A Tax Payer Proud


For many years now Karnataka has grown in spite of its leaders. The Chief Minister’s post had been occupied by bipeds who went on to embarrass themselves, their party and their citizens in spectacular ways. From BSY literally crying for power, to HDK triggering an election because his less charismatic elder brother wanted to be CM, to SMK reading the wrong speech in front of the leaders of the whole world, it was a veritable bounty of blah.

But Sadananda Gowda, who is an accidental CM, might finally be showing true leadership. He’s basically called the parochialism-milking commies and thugs on their anti-English stand. The CM accused them publicly of hypocrisy and hinted at what is more or less public knowledge.

English skills bring thousands of jobs. Insisting on Kannada medium will only keep these jobs out of the grasp of thousands of poorer children whose parents can only afford those schools under the State jurisdiction, whereas the rich will continue to send their kids to central schools.

Kudos man, you could have played the parochial card and gotten dozens of cheap votes. Instead, thou has my measly vote for the next few weeks. Sadanandanige jayavagali.

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