How the Right should Correct Mangalore’s “Moral” Police: AKA “Hindu Jagran Vedike”

The below is an excerpt from an upcoming book called “the BSY I voted for”. It chronicles what progressive right of centre voters expected out of a then “clean” BJP CM. In January 2009 , the Sri Ram Sene did the same thing that the self-styled Hindu Jagran Vedike did yesterday. They attacked law abiding citizens who may or may not have different imaginary friends, and assumed the opinion of their club on how people should behave should be imposed on the city of Mangalore. At the time BSY’s response was underwhelming. Now the BJP’s response has been better, and much of the Internet’s right wing have condemned the Talibanesque act. But this isn’t enough. There’s only one police in the land. Physical security from a psychopathic mob is a basic requirement in any contract between citizens and the government. And the only people who can keep the right wing’s psychos in check are in the right wing. A communist/congress backlash will accomplish nothing useful in the longterm.

The Yeddyurappa I Voted for:

Jan, 2009:

Karnataka CM BSY gave a stern warning to groups using religion as an excuse for violence against women. “Recently a group decided to attack some girls claiming people had complained to them. Then they named themselves the army of a Hindu God. Firstly, no one is authorized to act on a complaint but the state. And secondly, the Hindu punishment for attacking women is pretty strict. Up to the point of public disembowelment and having a beating heart ripped out of the attacker. Luckily for these ruffians I will act within the law of the present Indian republic, so they’ll sit in jail for a while.”

The CM left for a meeting on the Bangalore metro with a wry grin on his face leaving reporters with much to write about. Analysts believe the BJP strongman has warned fringe groups who rely on the BJP for political and financial support to not cause problems for law and order in the state simply because the BJP is now in power. This is a significant move from BSY not just because he has taken a stand for upholding the law but also indicates a long term plan for the BJP to grow its support base among moderates. He will no doubt face criticism about not mentioning Indian culture from hawks but sources say the Chief Minister has addressed the issue internally.

The CM’s advisors pointed out off the record that if the issue had been brought to the police’s notice they could have sorted it out quite easily and kept the conservative base happy. The CM was heard screaming in his office that his misguided friends have forced him to defend the right of young women to drink in bars because he has to uphold the law and is not a leader of the opposition who can only give soundbites to newspapers.

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