Happy Independence Day

We extend heartfelt greetings to our beloved countrymen, countrywomen and countrychildren on this, the “Blue Sapphire anniversary” of our nation’s independence.

Book plug

OK, here’s what happened: we wrote a book. No, really, with words and sentences and everything. And we would like it if it were bought and read widely. We wish to publish it online (Kindle, iBookStore, Lulu, we’re still deciding) in about a month. Hopefully on September 15th (Vishveshwarayya’s birthday).

What’s it called?

India 2020 — exodus to utopia

What’s it about?

Set in 2021, this book takes a look back at the preceding decade through newspaper articles and magazine columns excerpted from popular print media. The premise is that India has become a developed nation in 2020, as per Dr Abdul Kalam’s wishes. This book tracks the nation’s path to development. Major events in the areas of politics, sports, films, science, technology, finance and culture are studied, remarked upon, observed and/or completely ignored. This, indeed, is the book from which we published, on this very blog, the saga of Kapil (parts 1, 2 and 3) last year. It contains many more such stories, including the saga of legal luminary, Indian patriot, serial petioner, Janata Participant and jurisprudential supremo Dr. Swamy.

It is, of course, a satirical book, not an idealistic or wistful ‘serious work’. It is filled with fake (or is it?) news articles and columns. We hope it induces mirth in readers.

OK, what next?

As they say, keep watching this space for more details.

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