India 2020 – Exodus To Utopia

India 2020 - Exodus To Utopia - Book By Arjun Sharma & Harish Kumar(Click to preview & buy)

Set in 2021, ‘India 2020 : Exodus To Utopia’ is a satirical alternate history of contemporary India. It takes a look back at the preceding decade (2011-2020) through newspaper articles and magazine columns excerpted from popular print media. We track the nation’s path to development. Major events in the areas of politics, sports, films, science, technology, finance and culture are studied, remarked upon, observed and/or completely ignored.

The book follows the popular ‘fake news’ format. It contains news reports, biographies, histories and trivia about major personalities and events. The good reader is taken on a journey of discovery, as she/he learns of such events as:

- the Constitutional amendment that declares India developed as of Development Day (January 1st, 2020)

- the invention of the $35 handheld supercomputer (which can divide by zero)

- the creation of a new country within India’s borders caused by the secession of a house

- a major actor playing one hundred roles in a single film

- chess becoming more democratic

- a new number and a new chemical element being discovered

- the nation briefly becoming a cow

and lots more!

With sponsored ads like “Mohan Floppy Disks and Drives – Discover the power of limited storage (”, excerpts from the social media pages of major personalities (including God) and exercises to test the reader’s understanding, this book is a veritable encyclopaedia of knowledge about the ongoing and imminent years of the decade.

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