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Separatist Geelani Gets a Job

It looks like the economic package offered by the Indian leadership to Kashmir in general and its separatists in particular has paid off. Reports from the Valley suggest that the hard-line separatist leader and serial agenda-setter Saeed Ali Shah Geelani…

The DingleBerry Files: A Security Scam

instead of screaming that in my basement for free, where I brainwashed these unemployed dudes,
I’ll buy a 20,000 rupee phone that’s way uglier than the iPhone and text it to your 20,000
rupee ugly phone with postpaid connection. Wow we’re so efficient and corporate

Saffron Terror: 5 Reasons Not To Worry..Extra

The real concern should be that a mob of hundreds *can* gather and cause damage. “Where the cops when you need them?” should be the real question, instead, we focus on these fringe groups who represent a medieval interpretation of their claimed faith. It all sounds so familiar. We really have nothing to worry about these guys though and here’s why.